Planted within the Miracle Mountain property is a 1.75 hectare/4 acre boutique cafetal (small coffee farm). The cafetal features a mix of 10,000 Caturra and Catuai Rojo coffee bushes planted in pairs called "sepas". Both of these cultivars are of the Arabica variety, specifically recommended for this region for maximum yield, excellent flavor and disease resistance. 

The tradition of growing coffee has a significant history in Costa Rica firmly taking hold in the late 1700’s, bringing wealth that funded economic growth and advances in infrastructure.  The leaner, more difficult times brought about fundamental changes, mandated by the government, resulting in fair compensation for small farms, as well as large.  

Ripe coffee berries

Current trends illustrate that growing and processing specialty coffee is seen as an artisan endeavor versus solely production of a commodity crop. The coffee enthusiast will find the boutique cafetal within Miracle Mountain sufficient to meet one’s desires. For the entrepreneurial spirit, however, there is ample terrain to plant more coffee "sepas" increasing the size of the cafetal.