Nestled in the beautiful mountains near Santiago de Puriscal, Costa Rica, Miracle Mountain is a 12 acre property featuring spectacular views of the Gulf of Nicoya and adjacent mountains. Stunning views, pristine natural beauty, natural spring water and a small creek make this the perfect place to create a private haven or an exclusive development. ​ 

The relatively untouched terrain is accented by towering trees, companions to an arroyo (creek) winding through the property offering a secluded, cool respite. There are three nacientes (natural springs), one of which feeds a man made pond resting within a 4 acre boutique cafetal (small coffee plantation). The coffee bushes provide a year-round buffer of green and a chance for the coffee enthusiast to enjoy flavorful home grown coffee. Distinct building sites reside above these textural features promising endless unobstructed views from Miracle Mountain across the valley to the contoured mountain ridges and the Gulf of Nicoya.  

Convenient location

A short 4kms from downtown Santiago de Puriscal, Miracle Mountain is located just beyond the small town of Cerbatana. A rural, self-sufficient community, Cerbatana has several pulperias (small grocery stores), as well as a few restaurants and bars nearby. With population growing in Puriscal, the area around Cerbatana is poised to welcome the overflow and has great potential for development.  

This property has two entrances: one off the paved main road (239) and one that enters more privately from a cement paved secondary road at the back. The municipal grid is accessible from both routes. At the highest point, the altitude reaches a fresh 1200 meters, ensuring excellent views as well as lying within the designated range for growing high mountain coffee.